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April 21, 2015

Food is a big part of everyday life in Naxos Greece. There are many taverns and restaurants, right on the beach and in the charming alleyways that serve both local delicacies and a variety of international cuisine.

In Naxos, we suggest trying fresh fish, directly from the days catch, the delicious meat (yes, Naxos owns big farms) and the famous Naxian Cheese Varieties such us “Graviera“, “Arseniko“, “Mizithra” & “Xinomizithra”.

We have picked the top voted restaurants on Naxos.

We highly suggest you to visit

Naxos Town – Sarris Tavern


Seafood Tavern, just oppossite the famous “Waffle House”. Here you will find fresh fish every day. The tavern is famous for the fresh calamari, fresh shrimps, spaghetti dishes. Directly from the Aegean to your plate.

Trip Advisor Comments

Try the fish soup!

We ate at Sarris a couple of times on our trip to Naxos. The fish soup was amazing as was the pork in lemon sauce. Super friendly service, good prices and great food. Thank you so much 🙂

Terrific Food with Friendly Service

We had the daily fish special for two. We eat a lot of fish and seafood and the fish at Sarris Tavern was perfectly cooked. It was such good value that we are still talking about it. The appetizers we ordered, but didn’t need, as the special was more than enough food, were excellent too. The service was friendly and knowledgeable and our server had excellent English (and also, it appears, French). Highly recommend this restaurant for an authentic Greek meal.

Agios Prokopios – Anesis – Spiros Restaurant

Anesis Spiros Restaurant, one of the oldest restaurants in Naxos, offers you Great family-run taverna in a quiet corner overlooking the beach. Absolutely delicious fresh seafood. Do not miss roasted pork every Wednesday and Saturday.

Your Reviews on Trip Advisor

Delicious Greek food, nice views, authentic atmosphere

,Frankly the best we tried on Naxos. Roast meat very good too, even tsatsiki tastes perfect. Popular with locals. Highly recommended.

Superb meal

This restaurant is right at the end of the street and is worth getting to. It is next to El Greco’s bar and is a traditional, family type place.

We were drawn in by the fact that they were roasting lamb on the spit of the charcoal and it was superb. A huge portion of tender, tasty lamb which was crisp on the outside and perfectly cooked in the middle.

We just shared this with the local salad and it was still too much!The house wine was only four euros for half a litre and very drinkable. There was live Greek music on which was nice and the service friendly and efficient.

Moutsouna – Apanemi

With a 118 year history and a recent makeover, this stunning all-day venue features dishes that offer up an authentic Mediterranean-Naxian culinary experience. Seafood and fresh fish are served straight from the Aegean – oysters, mussels, urchins, crayfish and lobsters await your order. Enjoy your meal with our wide variety of rare WineList. Choose from a wide variety Apanemi menu. As the evening comes prepare for dinner with friends. Keep this day in your heart.

Your reviews

Fresh fish and seafood pasta

Great fresh fish in moderate price. Select from catch of the day. Fried shrimps were delicious, mussels were great as well.
Fantastic environment under the trees and by the sea, the definition of the old fashioned Greek fish tavern. Enjoy after swimming at Psili Ammos!

Hidden gem for fish

A special location with many remnants of Naxos mining history – this was the port to export emery from the mines up in the mountain. Great frying skill – even ‘humble’ calamari is on a different level, mullet has no taste of oil just the fish. A small but very well thought out wine list.



We definately suggest to rent a car when on Naxos and try the village food that is cooked mostly by housewives and you can feel the true taste on Naxian food:

“Kourounochori – Mousatos and Gregoris Tavern!”

“Apiranthos – Amorginos Tavern – Try the “Rosto”, pork in red sauce cooked more than 7 hours. Here you can taste the true rosto.

Keep in mind that water on Naxos Island is not drinkable.


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